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ECA: From the beginning until today 

Since the foundation of the company in 2006, ECA Concept has consulted about 500 companies of nearly all industrial sectors. The basis for performing a consultation to increase efficiency in productions was developed by ECA in 2006 within the scope of consulting for the Salamander IndustrieProdukte GmbH as part of a subsidized concept for analytical energy efficiency consulting by the Bavarian government, and it has been refined and improved ever since. The procedure is universally applicable and usable within all sectors and is in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001 as well as DIN EN 16247-1. This universal process enabled ECA Concept to establish itself internationally.

Through cooperating with enterprises of various sizes and sectors, ECA shows extensive expertise and a broad knowledge base. ECA's pool of experience includes, inter alia, food production and processing, breweries and beverage production, plastics production e.g. injection molding and film production, chemical industry, metal production and mechanical engineering, health and social services, commerce as well as the hotel and hospitality industry.

In the center of ECA's consulting activities are the topics of energy, investments, and economically sustainable growth. The objective of the company is to create links between various topics and to bring them together harmoniously.

ECA Concept's service portfolio primarily includes the fields of efficiency consulting and management systems. Furthermore, ECA Concept committed itself especially to sustainability projects as is shown in the cooperation with the Swiss South Pole Group in the field of technical CO2 compensation consulting in the international market, and also brings experience and expertise in this field.

In the field of efficiency consulting, we support companies with optimizing energy, material, and resource efficiency. The focus of our holistic consulting lies with production facilities, manufacturing processes including cross-sectoral technologies such as air conditioning, lighting, compressed air, cooling, heating, and IT, as well as the technical utilities of the enterprises. For this purpose, ECA Concept performs energy analyses and evaluations and develops economical as well as sustainable strategies and technological solutions that take all the life cycles of the building and facility technologies into account.

Furthermore, for years ECA Concept accompanied enterprises with the implementation of management systems in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, 14001, and 50001, with the implementation of energy and environmental audits e.g. in accordance with DIN EN 16247-1, as well as with the implementation of alternative systems or energy management systems in accordance with SpaEfV (Spitzenausgleich-Effizienzverordnung). Especially because of the intensified, amended energy service law (EDL-G), it was important to pragmatically standardize synergy effects for corporations that have multiple locations onto which the results could be applied.

Additionally, we have experience with creating company-specific energy reports and management manuals as well as developing measure-point concepts and strategies. Also, consultation to apply for subsidies and examining tax reliefs (e.g. in the field of energy and electricity taxes) are within our range of services.



Optimizing resource input, lowering energy costs, reducing environmental impact and at the same time strengthen competitiveness as well as securing growth and employment – those are the constant challenges that face German companies.
We support our clients with achieving their ambitious goals in the fields of process optimization, cost reduction, and sustainable company growth.
Our creative, professional, and high-quality consultations always follow a holistic and systematic approach. With our year-long experience, we can apply our method over various industry sectors, at the same time it is individually tailored to each client's needs. This way we sustainably increase our client's competitiveness.


ECA Concept want to provide action plans that lead to a sustainable efficiency increase through concrete, operative, and strategic measures, with the motive of generating economic benefits for your company.