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    Client statements

    Our product is satisfied clients

Client statements

Our product is satisfied customers. Following is an excerpt of what our clients say about us:

  • Rainer Mammel

    Miele & Cie. KG, Bielefeld

    “I was pleasantly surprised when the ECA team showed up with 5 experts – one for each area of expertise. We were given knowledgeable answers, but most importantly, they had competent questions. The evaluated results of the energy efficiency measures of our operational sites were all displayed as...Weiterlesen »
  • Manfred Kremer

    Rexam Beverage Can Berlin GmbH, Berlin

    “The decision to hire ECA was, to us, as stroke of luck. The whole team was on-site with up to 8 experts and was convincing through subject matter expertise, and utmost flexibility and effectiveness. Although we were well situated regarding energy technology, numerous processes were analyzed and...Weiterlesen »
  • Rudi Mair am Tinkhof

    Bergmilch Südtirol Gen. u. landw. Ges. (Mila), Südtirol

    “The company was tasked by us to capture and map the energy streams. This constitutes the basis for a successful and efficient energy management system and, subsequently, for a certification in accordance with ISO 50001. The approach was to us, a completely new and unconventional method. It was...Weiterlesen »
  • Birgitta Pickl

    Quality Manager, Chemische Fabrik Karl Bucher GmbH, Waldstetten

    “We used the team from ECA to consult for the initial energy audit to introduce an energy management system and to perform a material efficiency analysis. Facing different challenges, be it evaluating various cross-sectional technologies, calculating energy consumption for numerous processes, or...Weiterlesen »
  • Herbert Zötler

    Managing Director, Privat-Brauerei Zötler

    „I am happy to have gone the long road of a sound expert consultation, because I hope that through the consistent balance of reasonable investments to achieve maximum energy efficiency and now start to really save costs.”
  • Arno Justus

    Rudolf Henrichmeyer formaplan GmbH & Co. KG, Hövelhof

    “The cooperation with the people of ECA was a lot of fun – quickly did we receive information about our energy efficiency potential and my team and I have learned a lot. We have already started implementing the proposed energy efficiency measures. Our employees, as well as our suppliers and...Weiterlesen »
  • Markus Orbke

    Klaus Brummernhenrich GmbH & Co. KG, Bad Salzuflen

    „To me, the consultation of the ECA team was an example of efficiency and professionalism: Within a short time, five people examined our company carefully – they did not even stop at going into a sewer. The quick and informative result of the analysis gives us an evaluation of the energy...Weiterlesen »
  • Arvid Tofing

    arvato media GmbH, Gütersloh

    “Numerous measures to improve energy efficiency were initiated because of the consultation report of ECA. One of the implemented measures, for example, is the heat recovery of the compressor unit.”
  • Markus Schwarz

    arvato systems GmbH, Gütersloh

    “We had started our own project for energy efficiency at the same time as the consultation by ECA, for example, to implement a completely new air conditioning, since this area incurred the highest energy costs. The consultation report put emphasis on this project.”
  • Markus Bösch

    Plant Manager, Georg Kesel GmbH & Co. KG

    “ECA were able to win us over with their expertise, their commitment, and their perfectly synchronized team work. The project schedule as well as the sequence was kept as planned. Now that we have complied with the legally required energy audit, we have an official confirmation that we have...Weiterlesen »
  • Thomas Krepp

    Environmental officer, Baden-Württembergische Spielbanken GmbH & Co. KG

    “We thank ECA Concept for an efficiently and professionally executed energy audit. We were always well advised by the experts of ECA. As a result of the energy audit, useful optimization measures were developed.”
  • Michael Beverin

    Head of business development and QMB, 4Wheels Services GmbH, Düsseldorf

    “The flexibility of ECA was convincing. Within the project, agreements were kept without problems so that the project objective was never at risk. The price-performance ratio was appropriate so that we would like to work with ECA again in the future.”
  • Fred Meier

    Coko-Werk GmbH & Co. KG, Bad Salzuflen

    “We felt we were well advised by ECA. As a contract manufacturer in the plastics technology sector, energy efficiency is crucial to us to stay competitive. The external consultation has supported our internal efforts on this issue massively. Thus, when buying a new machine, we pay attention, for...Weiterlesen »
  • Robert Ludwig

    Gildemeister Drehmaschinen GmbH, Bielefeld

    “As luck would have it, even before participating in the LEEN network OWL, we were on the right path when it came to energy efficiency. The consultants of ECA Concept have worked well in our company with a relatively narrow data set. We received their support in our project to make our lighting...Weiterlesen »
  • Joachim Ditsch

    Ninkaplast GmbH, Bad Salzuflen

    “The method of operation of ECA Concept was really well received on our part. I was especially fascinated by the intensive approach of the consultants, their structured working method, and the fact that they were able to register so much information in such little time. In that sense, their...Weiterlesen »
  • Marina Mönikes

    Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG, Blomberg

    “To evaluate our site that includes over 3,600 employees and about 30 buildings was a difficult task for the consultants of ECA. In fact, we received good references by the consultants regarding energy efficiency in the server rooms as well as the cold aisle containment. In addition, we had great...Weiterlesen »
  • Ernst-August Boekstiegel

    EK ServiceGroup, Bielefeld

    “Our experience with the services of ECA was, without exception, very good. The detailed analysis confirmed to us many things that we had already undertaken in terms of energy efficiency. We have already started with informing our employees regarding efficiency when dealing with lighting at work...Weiterlesen »
  • Jürnjakob Reisigl

    Managing Director, Wannenkopfhütte

    “It is important to me to have savings regarding carbon dioxide emissions in the long term, as well as cost savings through energy efficiency measures in the medium term, of course.”
  • Dr. Felicitas Weeber

    Via Claudia Camping

    “The initial consultations as well as the detailed ones from the ECA-team were highly competent and efficient. The exact analysis of all our buildings gave us a good overview of our company’s energy balance and we already implemented the majority of the proposed energy efficiency measures....Weiterlesen »
  • Karin Ploch

    Diakoniewerk München-Maxvorstadt, München

    “The Diakoniewerk München-Maxvorstadt, as a competence center for health and welfare with facilities for seniors, geriatric rehabilitation, and a clinic, has found a competent and committed partner in ECA to perform the legally required energy audit. The efforts were well structured, effective,...Weiterlesen »
  • Maria Spannbauer

    Berggasthof Alpenblick, Burgberg

    "ECA has opened our eyes with regard to energy consumption and we were very satisfied with our cooperation."
  • Michael Bick

    Deutsche Benkert GmbH & Co. KG

    “Parallel to the consultation of ECA, we had already started our own project for energy efficiency. ECA’s energy report made it clear what the energy stream of our company is, and gave us important advice on possible saving potentials. These are further followed up on by us, and evaluated....Weiterlesen »
  • Oliver Schulz

    Commercial manager, LODEN-FREY, München

    “After the initial meeting with ECA we were certain that we chose the right partner for implementing the legally required energy audit for our enterprise. The cooperation with ECA has been smooth, flexible and trusting. Thanks to ECA’s high level of expertise, combined with the determination and...Weiterlesen »