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Rudi Mair am Tinkhof

Bergmilch Südtirol Gen. u. landw. Ges. (Mila), Südtirol

“The company was tasked by us to capture and map the energy streams. This constitutes the basis for a successful and efficient energy management system and, subsequently, for a certification in accordance with ISO 50001. The approach was to us, a completely new and unconventional method. It was profoundly different from the approach used to solve problems by us so far. The solutions were worked out in a team together with the internal responsible parties and the external consultants. We were able to reach clear, simple, and complete solutions. Without the support of ECA, we would have never been able to achieve such clear and complete, yet simple results in such a short time. In retrospect, it was unavoidable to include an outside view because only then were we able to overcome our own operational blindness, which was the basis to finding simple solutions. I would definitely recommend ECA and would advise everyone to tackle this topic in close cooperation with the people responsible internally.”

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