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No distance is too far for us...

During the past few years, our team has developed an exceptional reputation nationally and internationally in the field of energy and material efficiency. Since the founding of the Efficiency Consulting GmbH by Mr. Richard Prem in 2014, we cooperate on the Austrian market with a strong partner at our side.

No matter whether it's in Kenia, Spain or Mexico – "distance" is not a foreign word for us.

To be able to paint a better picture of our international projects, we will summarize the projects in those three countries. However, our field of operation is much wider (cf. world map).

Within the framework of a 5-day workshop in Kenia, we trained 35 energy managers in the application of ISO 50001 on a dairy factory in Nairobi. In addition, we had a workshop with representatives of the government about the experiences of implementing ISO 50001 in Germany and the possibilities for application in Kenya. There, the participants were introduced to an on-site analysis of an industrial milk processing company, that uses a systematic and structured process, and they were taught the knowledge of how to apply it.

Furthermore, we were largely involved with the 3-year European research project DRIP (Demand Response in Industrial Production) much of which took place in Spain under the leadership of RWE. Additional participants were the energy carrier Essent, the Valencia University, Dutch manufacturer of meat products Stegeman, Campofrio from Spain, and the Klingele Papierwerke from Germany.

Our task was to develop a procedure to uncover potentials for reducing electric consumption during high (and inexpensive) electricity supply, and to standardize the process. Additional tasks next to the technical concerns arose from the requirement to create a basis for a standardized and systematic capturing of potentials as well as a future certification. Here, a Europe-wide-usable capturing-tool to determine the economically feasible potentials was created on our part.

Another project was the cooperation project PRONASGEn between the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt and the Mexican Comisión Nacional para el Uso Eficiente de la Energía, where we supported 20 SMEs with high energy consumption, with increasing the energy efficiency and introducing an energy management system in accordance with IO 50001.

In conclusion, we want to underwrite what applies to all of our projects: Quality, professionalism, innovation, and the satisfaction of our clients, are our top priority for our clients worldwide. To reach this goal, no distance is too far for us.