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Research & development

In the field of process innovation, an individual research and development department is operated, and it is tasked with optimizing machines and production lines. The projects range from European research programs, for which ECA Concept is the intersection for academic and industrial partners, to specialized questions that are resolved in cooperation with our clients.

A short selection of projects:

European research project DRIP (Demand Response in Industrial Production)

The result of the expansion of regenerative energy is an irregular power input. Through adjusting the consumption to the electricity supply, cost savings can be achieved for the power generator and the consumer.

The task of ECA Concept was to develop a procedure to uncover potentials for reducing the energy consumption in case of a high (and inexpensive) electricity supply in the companies, and to standardize the process of finding these potentials.

The additional functions, next to the technical aspects, required creating bases for a standardized and systematic detection of potentials as well as a later certification. Here, ECA Concept developed a data-capturing tool, applicable in Europe, to determine the economically achievable potentials.

More information: http://www.drip-project.eu/

Project film blowing machine (energy and material efficiency)

Through extensive measurements and calculations, a representative film blowing machine was examined for vulnerabilities. The savings potential that was determined solely through these measurements can be achieved with a minimal investment and amounts to approximately 6.000€ per year per machine.

Project activated carbon (combining the know-how of two companies)

As a result of consulting for a company that manufactures specially structured activated carbon filters for small applications, as well as consulting for another company that manufactures adhesive tape, ECA Concept initiated a research project to examine the possibility for the industrial application of the filter technology. The project is currently in the test phase.