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    The potential to use claims for relief are immense!

Energy-economic analysis

Besides the potential to increase the efficiency, it is possible to significantly lower energy costs by ways of refunds, reliefs, and limits.

It is often the case that not all electricity tax and energy tax reliefs are being applied for, or the possibility to limit compensations or taxes for the heat and power act, or the renewable energy act are not entirely known.

On top of this, there are numerous possibilities to lower the tax burden in the energy area of a company. To this end, sometimes even on a monthly basis, new regulations are introduced that require a constantly updated level of knowledge. In many cases, that knowledge of legislative change is not readily available and the interpretation of legislative texts, statutes and regulations is not always clear.

The first step to utilize these potential cost reductions in this area is the creation of a transparent and consistent data base. Based on this, the next step could be to identify additional potentials for energy cost optimization through analysis, to subsequently implement those measures through practical application.