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    Measurement point concept

    The basis for meaningful monitoring in your company

Measurement concept

You want to measure the energetic consumers of your organization and receive daily up-to-date visualizations and data to track changes? You want to create transparency and connect data from energy, materials, and production, through a system of useful indicators? Consider acquiring a custom-made measuring concept through ECA.

In the context of conceptualizing measurement points, existing and prospective measuring areas in the field of production processes and cross-sectional technologies will be worked out and depicted. Additionally, a link between energy data and production data will be created.

During the first step, the measurement concept does not consist of setting measuring points; instead it is the strategic formulation of the future measurement concept. In the end the result will be a long term oriented concept, onto which measuring points can be set and accordingly come up with useful data evaluations (creation of indicators – keyword EnPIs, Energy Performance Indicators).

The basis for this is a systematic analysis of the existing streams of energy and materials within the organization, as well as the existing methods of data collection. Building on that, meaningful measuring areas will be formed, as is required by the ISO 50001. As they say “less is more”, ECA Concept does not broadly collect data, but instead focuses on linking specific existing data.

This data is meticulously checked for its relevance to the efficiency potential. Details with little relevance will be excluded. Ultimately, the goal is to create a custom made, clear measurement concept that includes existing methods of data collection and only uses data that maps and evaluates the continuous improvement of the organization.

Besides being up-to-date on the latest technical stand, ECA Concept’s measuring concept also provides a wide insight into future developments into the concept. Many organizations are moving towards setting up far-reaching technical controlling, as well as strongly focusing on resource efficiency and sustainability management. These developments are already included in ECA concept’s current concepts.

Example: Energy and material flows in the drafting of a tag concept
Example: Energy and material flows in the drafting of a tag concept