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    4 steps to efficiency

    The core of ECA Concept: The systematic analysis


The core of ECA Concept’s efficiency consulting is the systematic analysis and evaluation of the energy and material flow in the company. For this purpose, through years of experience, a methodical approach was developed that contains four fundamental steps:

Analysis – Four steps towards efficiency
Analysis – Four steps towards efficiency

Initially there is the analysis of the actual state, which is of crucial importance, as all subsequent steps are based on it. All available data related to energy sources i.e. use of raw material and material input, are recorded, compiled, and evaluated physically (kWh, kg, I, etc.) as well as monetarily (in €).

During the second step, our clients are given a holistic overview of the energy and material flows of their company. Oftentimes, individual departments or divisions have a very detailed know-how and a good data situation; however, viewing optimization measures in relation to the whole company and all available processes happens rather rarely. This will be taken into account by ECA Concept through a holistic mapping of energy and material flows.

This mapping can serve as a basis for a simulation of processes, using the appropriate software, in the next step. For this, ECA Concept uses software especially made for energy and material flow modeling, Umberto NXT Efficiency. Even without the simulation, the result of this third step is mapping and evaluating the energy and material flows.

The generation and prioritization of efficiency measures is following on that basis. The development of measures will, on the one hand, be undertaken by the experts of ECA Concept who draw from broad expert knowledge or practical experience, and on the other hand, derived out of the discussions with our clients.

By passing on our expert know-how, we also trigger the independent pursuit of potentials. The efficiency analysis of ECA Concept lays the groundwork for a continuous long-term improvement in the company.