• ECA Managementsysteme

Advanced energy management system

The advanced energy management system (EnMS) primarily targets companies that already operate an EnMS and have already laid the essential cornerstones – regardless of whether this existing EnMS has been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001 or not. In the course of the advanced EnMS we develop concepts with you to create bridges to other levels, e.g. material efficiency, technical controlling, or sustainability. The topics and concepts are very specific and individually determined, but they all have the objective of bringing your energy management system to an even higher level.

Following is an extract of our services during the concept development of an advanced EnMS:

  • Conjunction of energy efficiency to material and resource efficiency
  • Specific measuring concepts and intelligent measuring ranges
  • Technical controlling
  • Implementation of ISO 50006 and ISO 50015 standards, especially regarding the expansion of the system of measuring points and the system of indicators
  • Sustainability strategy and reporting
  • Specific technical projects – Implementation support for energy efficiency measures that go beyond the so-called “low hanging fruit”