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ISO 50006 and ISO 50015

Many enterprises put a lot of focus on maintaining their energy management system (EnMS) in accordance with ISO 50001, by reducing energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency. Companies who have already introduced an EnMS are mostly aware that a decrease of the total energy consumption is not explicitly the objective of the standard, but rather a continuous increase of efficiency by means of informative key energy figures. A system of well thought out key indicators that transparently maps out the energy related performance of the company is seldom implemented.

  • ISO 50006
    • Energy management systems – Measuring the energy related performance using energetic starting points (EnB) and energy performance indicators (EnPI)
    • ISO 50015
      • Energy management systems – Measuring and verifying the energy related performance of an enterprise

For topicality and the importance of this issue please read our blog article “Energy key indicators – central tool for efficiency evaluation” (Link to blog article)

Within the scope of support during the implementation of the elements of both standards, we offer, inter alia, the following services:

ISO 50006:

  • Define and quantify energy flows
  • Define and quantify relevant variables
  • Define and quantify static factors
  • Data collection
  • Setting useful EnPIs
  • Input factors; identify benefits and limits of EnPIs
  • Standardizing key figures
  • Create effective key figure systems

ISO 50015:

  • Set up and implement an individual measuring-point concept that allows conclusive measuring and verification of the efficiency increase through optimizing measures by means of intelligent key figures and creating a scope of measurement
  • Implementation of the principles of measuring and verifying
  • Creating a plan for measuring and verifying to secure data quality and integrity
  • Introduction of a plan for measuring and verifying
  • Documentation of measuring and verifying

It is recommended to link the application of both standards. The advantages are clear: Through the linkage of various data, a detailed view of the current efficiency, for instance in production, can be seen in real time, by generating diverse sectoral key figures. By means of a statistical model that is based on previous data, a furthermore comparison with the expected energy consumption is possible, whereby an immediate adjustment or countermeasures can be made in the case of deviations from the set value.

To take advantage of these benefits the necessary skills have to be established. Through its international projects and networks, ECA Concept was able to already practically apply these developments with regard to research project DRIP as well as in cooperation with the UNIDO.

With this expertise, combined with our knowledge regarding measurement technology, we give our clients not only detailed insight into their production processes through intelligent measuring rooms, but also a real monetary value that can be secured on the long term through structured technical controlling. We can only advise that you, in light of coming developments, to begin now with building intelligent measuring rooms, and regarding consultations or trainings, to draw on the expertise of ECA Concept.