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    Introduction and operation

    ECA Concept can cover all the needs of DIN EN ISO 50001

Introduction and operation

PDCA Cycle
PDCA cycle in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001:2011

We at ECA Concept can support you with an energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001, to

  • systematically improve your energy efficiency.
  • Decrease costs.
  • Implement potentials.
  • Decrease environmental impacts.

For this purpose, next to the central elements of a management system such as planning, implementing, and controlling operational procedures, serves a detailed energy analysis. This was developed and systemized by ECA Concept and takes place in four steps:

  1. Recording and evaluating all sources of energy
  2. Segmenting and weighting the energy flows
  3. Mapping the energy flows and the energy efficiency potentials
  4. Prioritizing the energy efficiency potentials and deriving measures

We hereby guarantee a systematic approach that prevents costly bad investments of alleged energy-saving measures and keeps the focus on what is significant.

True to the Pareto principle, with 20 % of the effort 80 % of the potential can be increased and with a continuous improvement process, a lasting and sustainable efficiency increase can be secured. To apply this holistic concept, accompany our interdisciplinary specialists along the whole implementation for your long-term sustainability strategy.

We will accompany your organization with the introduction as well as the ongoing operation of an energy management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001 in all fields. An individual project plan can be created according to your needs. The chronological sequence as well as the degree of external participation is flexible in every respect.

Our services with regards to the introduction/operation of an energy management system are diverse:

We will gladly support you with the implementation of an energy efficiency management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001 – regardless of which phase you are in.

Energy cost development – with and without energy management
Energy cost development – with and without energy management