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Information event and training

Information event

When introducing an environmental management system it is of advantage to bring all employees who have a significant influence over environmental consumption, on board. Our experienced subject matter experts and auditors would gladly hold a presentation to inform your employees about the motives and background of introducing an environmental management system.

With the help of the impressions and the specific data of your company, the application and implementation of DIN EN ISO 14001 can be practically illustrated. Informing the employees is a fundamental cornerstone of a functioning energy management system – get an expert!


Our auditors will gladly perform individual training courses in your company. As with the informational events, the training courses and motivation is held for all employees that have a significant influence over the environmentally relevant sectors in your company. It is held by trained professionals and suggests, based on compiled findings, concrete proposals to improve the environmental situation in the company.

The audit training is specifically targeted at preparing the employees for the internal and external audit and for their knowledge to be presented in an “audit-suitable” fashion. Our training helps you understand the contents of the standard and how to practically apply it. In the past many of our clients were able to profit from our conveyed knowledge and to independently apply it in their own company.

Take advantage of our expertise and know-how for your company and request information from us.