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    Auditing services

    Full support from our auditors with anything relating to the audit

Auditing services

Internal audit

The internal audit represents a process that is required in accordance with standards to be systematic, independent, and documented to review the state of readiness for certification and is to be seen as the “dress rehearsal” for the certification audit. Our team of auditors reviews the compliance of various standard requirements by using checklists, and concludes by evaluating the level of fulfillment of your quality management system. It is important to us that we, not only expose weaknesses in the system, but to propose constructive improvement solutions to further develop your system.

Management review

During management review the quality management system is assessed and evaluated by the top management. For this purpose all relevant parameters are compiled by the company and by ECA Concept, and the results recorded.


ECA Concept supports your company during the certification audit, that is during a Phase 1 audit (document review) or a Phase 2 audit (system review) as well as a monitoring audit or recertification. For this purpose we provide experts with auditing experience, who are qualified auditors themselves, and therefore are able to fulfill the requirements of a certification company and to guide through the elements of the quality management system as well as answer any questions the auditors might have.