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    Basic services

    Cornerstones of your quality management system

Basic services

A transition towards the new DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 includes, in particular, the following services:

Support with the context analysis of the organization:

The organization must determine external and internal issues that significantly affect the achievement of the objective of the quality management system and are relevant to the strategic direction of the organization. These issues are diverse; internal issues can for instance refer to culture, knowledge, and performance, external issues can stem from e.g. the technical, competitive, or social environment.

It is for this reason that the company must determine the interested parties that are relevant to its quality management system and determine the relevant requirements and expectations of said interested parties.

Measures for dealing with risks and opportunities:

The identification of risks and opportunities should ensure that the organization is able to realize the intended results of its management system, to enhance desired effects, to prevent or reduce undesired effects, and to achieve a continuous improvement.

ECA Concept develops suitable methods with the organization and introduces a risk management process which determines the risks and opportunities.

Development of process key figures and quality objectives:

Quality objectives in particular have to be in accordance with the quality policy, to be quantifiable and to be able to monitor them, as well as ultimately be relevant to raising client satisfaction.  To fulfil these requirements, meaningful process key figures are developed with the organization.